Friday, March 4, 2011

Location, Location, Location!

After Matt and I returned from Arizona, I got straight to work researching various ceremy and reception venues. Matt and I were torn on whether to have a traditional church ceremony or something different. Growing up in Chicago, I always attended St. Hyacinth Church, which in now St. Hyacinth Basilica. It is a beautiful church and a prime example of a "Polish Cathedral" style. This is where I had my First Communion and my Confirmation and I always dreamed I would also get married there so this was number 1 on my list at the beginning.

However, after looking into banquet halls near the church, none of them really thrilled us. Most were "been-there-done-that". We considered having the wedding in Chicago and the reception elsewhere, but didn't want our guests to have to travel all over the place. Slowly I set my dream church on the back burner and started exploring other options in the north and south 'burbs. One weekend I decided to go visit a couple of venues in Indiana and fell in love with all of them for their own reasons. They were all newer and more modern than halls we previously looked into. Once I narrowed it down to two locations that met all our needs, I couldn't wait for Matt to come see them and hoped that he would like them as much as I did! After he did, he agreed that one of the two locations was THE location. After weighing pros and cons of each, we made our final choice...and the winner is.... WICKER MEMORIAL PARK in HIGHLAND, IN!!!
Wicker Memorial Park features beautifully manicured grounds with trees, flowers, fountains and a prestine, white gazebo and includes an 18 hole golf course.
We will be getting married in the gazebo with the reception following in the Social Center just a few steps away. The reception room is amazing! It is VERY large. Holding 400 people, we get the whole room for our 200 guests!So it will be very spacious! The room features beautiful arched windows all around which overlook the park. Right out the doors of the room there is a large veranda that looks out at the gazebo and lake, both of which are lit up at night. The veranda includes high top tables where guests can come out, take a break from dancing, and get some fresh air. We are so excited to get married and celebrate with our guests at this beautiful location.

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